Source Code

DMX 5.0-beta-3


  • Add "Authorization Method" menu to Login dialog; LDAP login is supported through external plugin (#168)
  • Configurable topic icon color on a per-type basis (#204)
  • Configurable topic/assoc background color on a per-type basis (#205)
  • Creating new Role Types interactively (#207)


  • Improved in-map association detail rendering (topic icons, assoc background color) (#214)
  • Pin Edit/Save button to lower end of Detail Panel; it does not scroll away (#200)
  • Context menus: for multi-commands show number of topics/assocs affected (#203)
  • A new value entered in a customizable Select menu should be implicitly selected (#189, #185)
  • Pressing Enter key in a suggestion menu should not submit form (#73)
  • "Contacts" data model: make "Organization Name" an Identity Attribute (#201)


  • The Webclient crashes on macOS when using Chrome/Chromium (#210)
  • An updated composite is not displayed immediately (#191, #190, #153)
  • Clearing a color value in a view config throws error while saving (#206)
  • Select menus are broken for number and boolean values (#196)
  • Topic geometry broken when loading a topicmap with pinned topics which have images (#197)
  • Images embedded in HTML fields should have a maximum width (#194)
  • HTML topics revealed in the Topicmap Panel now render as HTML source (instead showing an empty topic) (#216)
  • Detail Panel: removing a value from a nested multi-value throws NullPointerException (#193)
  • Detail Panel: content of HTML fields not updated when switching between topics in form mode (#198)
  • Detail Panel: Meta tab shows wrong topicmap information for implicitly hidden assocs (#188)
  • HTML topics in search results and Detail Panel's Related list are now rendered (instead of showing HTML source) (#195)
  • Missing client-sync for newly created assoc types (#212)

Plugin Development

  • Fix: REST API request from external application fails when no websocket connection is open (#215)
  • Fix: on cold start (= no DB exists) server-side cached View Configs miss child assocs (#192, #184)


  • Replace "DeepaMehta" by "DMX" in launch scripts, log file, and COPYRIGHT.txt (#211)