Commit a34066c7 authored by Jörg Richter's avatar Jörg Richter

Fix: allow adding toolbar components after instantiation

See dmx-platform/dmx-platform#181
parent 8a802653
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<div class="dm5-topicmap-panel" v-loading="loading">
<dm5-toolbar :comp-defs="toolbarCompDefs"></dm5-toolbar>
<dm5-toolbar :comp-defs="toolbarCompDefs_"></dm5-toolbar>
<component :is="topicmapRenderer" :object="object_" :writable="writable_" :detail-renderers="detailRenderers"
:context-commands="contextCommands" :quill-config="quillConfig">
......@@ -39,9 +39,11 @@ export default {
return {
topicmapRenderer: undefined,
// mirror props (mirroring the *dynamic* props is sufficient)
object_: this.object,
writable_: this.writable
// toolbarCompDefs_: this.toolbarCompDefs // FIXME: needed?
// Note: making `toolbarCompDefs` dynamic allows components to be added *after* dm5-topicmap-panel instantiation.
// E.g. the DMX Webclient does *not* synchronize plugin loading and instantiation of the toplevel components.
object_: this.object,
writable_: this.writable,
toolbarCompDefs_: this.toolbarCompDefs
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