Commit 3cf1a588 authored by Jörg Richter's avatar Jörg Richter

Fix: strip selection from URL if not readable after login/out

See dmx-platform/dmx-platform#305
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......@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@ let cyView // The CytoscapeView instance, initialized by "_initCyto
// The instance lives as long as the Cytoscape Renderer is active. That is when switching
// between topicmaps the same instance is (re)used. Only when switching from the Geomap Renderer
// to the Cytoscape Renderer a new instance is created.
let ele // The single selection: a selected Cytoscape element (node or edge). Undefined if there is no
// single selection.
// The selected element's details are displayed in-map. On unselect the details disappear
......@@ -754,7 +755,14 @@ function initPos (viewTopic) {
function unselectElement () {
// console.log('unselectElement', ele && eleId(ele))
if (!ele) {
throw Error('unselectElement() when no element is selected')
// Note: normally "ele" is expected to be defined when entering this function.
// Normally the route is the source of truth, and changing app state is the *effect* of a route change. But there is
// one situation where cause/effect is reversed, which is login/logout. On login/logout the topipcmap is reloaded,
// and only then is checked whether the selection must be stripped from route. If so the selection is removed
// already when entering this function and "ele" is undefined.
// The proper solution would be to check e.g. *before* logout if the selected workspace and the selected object
// would still be readable after logout. This would get rather complicate.
// console.log('unselectElement', eleId(ele),":selected").size())
// Note 1: when the user clicks on the background Cytoscape unselects the selected element on its own.
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