Commit 74436402 authored by Malte Reißig's avatar Malte Reißig

Open tableview in now browser window (#3). Thanks for testing + reporting.

parent 2b90c8ef
<div class="dmx-tableview-renderer">
<div class="dmx-tableview-command">
<div class="composite-title field">
<h2 class="field-value">{{object.value}}</h2>
<!--h2 class="command" @click="openTableView(">Open Tableview</h2-->
<a v-bind:href="'/systems.dmx.tableview/#/' +">Open Tableview</a>
<el-button @click="openTableView(">Open Tableview</el-button>
......@@ -20,8 +19,7 @@ export default {
methods: {
openTableView: function (topicId) {
// this.$store.dispatch("revealTopicById", topicId);
window.document.location.url = "/tableview/#/" + topicId;"/systems.dmx.tableview/#/" + topicId, "_blank")
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