Commit 93de467d authored by Jörg Richter's avatar Jörg Richter

Change CSS class prefixes `dm5-` -> `dmx-` (#13)

See dmx-platform/dmx-platform#13
parent f75c0fce
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<l-map class="dm5-geomap-renderer" :center.sync="center" :zoom.sync="zoom" :options="options">
<l-map class="dmx-geomap-renderer" :center.sync="center" :zoom.sync="zoom" :options="options">
<l-tile-layer :url="url"></l-tile-layer>
<l-marker v-for="topic in geoCoordTopics" :lat-lng="latLng(topic)" :key=""
@popupopen="popupOpen(, $event)">
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