Commit 8a181113 authored by Silke Meyer's avatar Silke Meyer

Migrations that extend the Dish composite with tags and HTML annotations

parent fa865bce
import systems.dmx.core.TopicType;
import systems.dmx.core.model.CompDefModel;
import systems.dmx.core.service.Migration;
public class Migration7 extends Migration {
public void run() {
/* Add "Annotation" to "Dish" using the HTML field that comes with the notes plugin.
List it before the preparation time of the dish. */
TopicType type = dmx.getTopicType("");
"", "", "dmx.core.many"
), "");
// Add "Tag" to "Dish"
"", "dmx.tags.tag", "dmx.core.many")
// This migration adds another topic type that shall be part of the composite "Dish":
// The composite is updated in an imperative migration:
// ./dmx-cooking/src/main/java/systems/dmx/cooking/migrations/
"topic_types": [
"value": "Annotation",
"uri": "",
"dataTypeUri": "dmx.core.html"
\ No newline at end of file
dmx.plugin.model_version = 5
dmx.plugin.dependencies = systems.dmx.webclient, systems.dmx.base, systems.dmx.datetime, systems.dmx.bookmarks
\ No newline at end of file
dmx.plugin.model_version = 7
dmx.plugin.dependencies = systems.dmx.webclient, systems.dmx.base, systems.dmx.datetime, systems.dmx.bookmarks, systems.dmx.tags
\ No newline at end of file
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