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    Add modules-external directory (#847, #618). · a47e0433
    Jörg Richter authored
    When cloning the DM repo a directory `modules-external` is created.
    This is where you develop your own DeepaMehta plugins.
    Create a new directory here for each plugin.
    Every time you build your plugin it gets automatically (re)deployed.
    You're no longer required to add the plugin path to global pom.xml.
    Use the modules-external directory when you've build DeepaMehta from source
    and want develop 3rd-party plugins and DeepaMehta standard plugins in parallel.
    Note: in order to develop a (hot deployed) plugin a developer don't need to build DM from source anymore.
    They can just install the DM Standard Distribution.
    See https://trac.deepamehta.de/ticket/847#comment:3
    See #847.
    See #618.
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