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      Restrucure POMs · 45b6ac43
      Jörg Richter authored
      1) Start development environment (with hot deployment enabled) directly from home directory, just by:
              mvn pax:run
         'cd deepamehta3-delivery' and '-P development' is not necessary anymore.
         (Both, the delivery directory and the development profile dosn't exist anymore.
         The delivery directory is now called 'deepamehta3-provision'.)
         Running with fresh runtime environment:
              mvn clean pax:run
      2) When building all modules the distribution zip file is not generated anymore.
         (Building all modules and generating a distribution is regarded as 2 distinct use cases.)
         Building all modules (from home directory):
              mvn install -P all
         Generating the distribution zip file:
              cd deepamehta3-distribution
              mvn package
      3) Keeping most configuration properties at a central location.
         The following properties are defined in the global POM (in home directory):
              dm3.database.path               (overridden in distribution POM)
              java.util.logging.config.file   (overridden in distribution POM)
              felix.fileinstall.dir           (along with all other felix.fileinstall properties)
         (Pending: revise 'plugin-parent' module)
  5. 07 Mar, 2011 1 commit
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      add distribution module · 3fbdfa10
      dgf authored
       * downgrade parent to 0.1-SNAPSHOT
       * update neo4j to 1.2
       * use of assembly plugin for distribution archive creation
       * replace on the fly outwrapping with servicemix bundles
       * organize test case imports
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      db path is read from system porperty · 1cf4ca77
      dgf authored
       * .gitignore cleanup
       * move licence, logging configuration and start scripts to delivery
       * remove felix config and installation scripts
       * update felix versions (http, web, file)
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