Source Code

DMX 5.0-beta-6


  • Advanced search (#284)
    • Restrict search result to selected topic type
      • Customizable type menu
    • Optionally search child topics as well
  • Show warning when there are unsaved changes (#317)
    • 3 choices: save, discard changes, continue editing
  • Topicmap pans automatically when a topic is revealed outside viewport (#300)


  • Detail Panel Editing:
    • While editing one can explore the other tabs (#319)
    • Clicking another topic when in form mode leaves form mode (#320)
    • Clicking 1st detail panel tab when in form mode does not leave form (#318)
    • When entering a form the 1st input field is automatically focused (#301)
  • Topicmap Panel:
    • Topicmap auto-layout/animation is switched off in favor of a more stable view (#306)
    • Topic icons are rendered with individual width (#322)
    • "Zoom to Fit" and "Reset Zoom" operations are animated (#321)
  • Detail Panel: Related tab remembers sort mode (#323)
  • Search dialog:
    • Opens always within viewport; no horizontal scrolling required (#325)
    • Trim user input before create (#299)
  • Detail rendering: field labels are enriched by custom assoc type names (#297)
  • Geomaps: access tile server via HTTPS (#324)
  • About box: "AGPL-3.0" is a link to license text (#293)


  • Crucial:
    • Changing password via Webclient does not work (#97)
    • Draw-assoc gesture is available even if user lacks WRITE permission (#296)
    • Flawed state management when selected topic/assoc is not visible/readable anymore after login/logout (#305)
    • A topic with an ampersand in its label is not properly rendered on topicmap (#294)
  • Misc:
    • Topic creation fails with "Identity value is missing" (#307)
    • Updating a topic fails if embedded identity form is left empty (#298)
    • When a topic/assoc label is empty no details are rendered at all (#302)
    • On Windows: along with the delete warning the browser's native context menu appears by mistake (#295)