Source Code

DMX 5.0-beta-5


  • Support for multiple browser tabs/windows: Synchronization when running multiple Webclient instances in the same browser is improved (#268, #271, #279, #281).


  • Improved search results for both, search dialog, and auto-suggestion fields (#274, #287)
    • Combining search terms by AND by default (instead OR) results in more relevant (and lesser) search results
    • Whole-word search (* is auto-appended only if not preceded by space)
    • Search dialog supports single-letter search only as whole-word
    • Auto-suggestion fields support single-letter search also as begin-of-word
    • Support for Lucene query syntax: no auto-transformation if user input contains Lucene special characters
  • Detail panel:
    • More relevant (and lesser) info displayed in "Related" tab: no redundant display of directly related child topics as already displayed in "Info" tab (#272)
    • Input fields use entire panel width (#286)
  • Show confirmation dialog before delete (#291)
  • Workspace menu is sorted alphabetically (#285)
  • Suppress Webclient error notification on a per-request basis, e.g. on failed login (#283)


  • SEVERE: detail panel shows wrong value of "Select" fields when another topic is selected; when pressing Save the wrong value is saved! (#288)
  • Search dialog shows out-of-date search result (#273)
  • Synchronization of topicmaps/windows/browser-tabs:
    • No Webclient sync between 2 tabs in the same browser (#268)
    • Topic assigned to wrong workspace when Webclient opened in more than one tab/window (#271)
    • Trying to edit an association which is connected to another association not existing in the database anymore leads to error message (#279)
    • Deleting a topic or assoc does not remove it from other topicmap (#281)
  • Robustness: even corrupt topicmaps should render partially (#282)
  • Error while generating error message masks original error (#280)
  • Building from sources fails on Windows (#275)