Source Code

DMX 5.0-beta-4


  • Data guarantee: when installing a newer DMX version existing content migrates automatically (#257)
  • Detail panel: new "Pin" button; if pinned the detail panel behaves like in the DM4 webclient (#236)
  • New "help" menu in toolbar shows links to DMX documentation and DMX forum (#138)
    • Add "About DMX" information (#139)


  • Performance: topicmap rendering is up to 10 times faster (#231)
  • Improved handling of HTML links:
    • URL topics are rendered as HTML link and act as such (#267)
    • In-map details: HTML links are clickable without unlocking the details (#266)
    • Fix: clicking an HTML link does not accidentally trigger inline edit (#265)
    • HTML link style is conform with Element UI style (#266)
  • Improved detail interaction:
    • Replace "Reveal"/"Remove" text buttons by icons; place icons outside content field (#266)
    • Explicit "Edit" button (instead of clicking "white area") (#265)
    • Reposition "Add" button; show only on hover (#230)
  • Browser/system context menus are enabled again (#264)
  • Topicmap menu is alphabetically sorted (#261)
  • No auto-layout after user moves topic (#227)
  • Type detail rendering shows label "Composition Definitions" (instead "Child Types") (#224)
  • Security: after submitting the login dialog the password field is cleared (#263)
  • Platform startup time is logged (#246)


  • Revealing Comp Def child topics fails after cold start (#258)
  • Value integration tries to share unreadable topics and fails (#240)
  • Shared config topics get multiple workspace assignments (#239)
  • Anonymous can't attach shared config topics that live in Admin workspace (#238)
  • Association duplicate check does not work (#237)
  • Aux node misplaced after hide/delete parallel edge (#235)
  • Revealing a Number or Boolean topic throws browser exception (#233)
  • Rename dmx.ldap.filter to dmx.ldap.user_filter in config properties and add missing properties (#232)
  • Hidden child types are visualized as "visible in topicmap" (#223)
  • A user can have multiple membership assocs to the same workspace (#222)

Plugin Development

  • Several API and JSON renamings (#14):
    • "Assoc Def" -> "Comp Def" (composition definition)
    • "Role" -> "Player"
    • "Childs" -> "Children"
  • Core: revised and extended search API (#259)
  • Plugin Template supports code splitting (#255)
  • More flexible Topicmap creation (#244)
  • Revised Topicmap Type contract (#243)
  • Improved prop names in (#228)
  • REST API: values of relating assocs are not created/updated when request lacks assoc typeUri (#221)
  • Build System: support building of Bundle Fragments (#247)

Internal Refactoring

  • Security: DMXStorage is not consumable as an OSGi service anymore (#245)
  • Core: object serialization does not have any side effect (#256)
  • Core: drop StorageDecorator (#250)
  • PersistenceLayer does not instantiate userland objects anymore; renamed to AccessLayer


  • License changed from GPL-3.0-or-later to AGPL-3.0 (#262)
  • Java 8 is minimum required version (#241)
  • Dead DM4 code is removed; 2 modules are dropped: dmx-help and dmx-filemanager (#229)