Commit 4664d690 authored by Jörg Richter's avatar Jörg Richter

API: fix getTopicmapTopics() for implicitly hidden assocs (#188)

parent 365addf4
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......@@ -141,12 +141,9 @@ public class TopicmapsPlugin extends PluginActivator implements TopicmapsService
public List<RelatedTopic> getTopicmapTopics(@PathParam("id") long objectId) {
try {
List<RelatedTopic> topicmapTopics = new ArrayList();
DMXObject object = dmx.getObject(objectId);
boolean isAssoc = object instanceof Association;
for (RelatedTopic topic : object.getRelatedTopics((String) null, null, ROLE_TYPE_TOPICMAP,
"dmx.topicmaps.topicmap")) {
// FIXME: meanwhile assocs have visibility as well
if (isAssoc || visibility(topic.getRelatingAssociation())) {
for (RelatedTopic topic : dmx.getObject(objectId).getRelatedTopics(TOPICMAP_CONTEXT, ROLE_TYPE_CONTENT,
ROLE_TYPE_TOPICMAP, "dmx.topicmaps.topicmap")) {
if (visibility(topic.getRelatingAssociation())) {
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