Commit fdccbccd authored by Juergen Neumann's avatar Juergen Neumann

Update .gitlab-ci.yml - debugging

parent ea562529
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ build:
- echo -e "To activate a plugin copy or link it to the bundles-deploy folder.\n" >>bin/bundle-available/about-this-directory.txt
- echo -e "Find more information on DMX plugins at" >>bin/bundle-available/about-this-directory.txt
- echo -e "" >>bin/bundle-available/about-this-directory.txt
- for plugin in "${PLUGINS[@]}"; do latest_version="$( wget -q -O - ${WEBCGI}/ci/${plugin}/${plugin}-latest.jar )"; wget -q ${latest_version} -P bin/bundle-available/; done
- for plugin in "${PLUGINS[@]}"; do latest_version="$( wget -q -O - ${WEBCGI}/ci/${plugin}/${plugin}-latest.jar )"; echo "latest_version: ${latest_version}"; wget -q ${latest_version} -P bin/bundle-available/; done
## adjust config
- CONFIG=$(<${DMX}-${VERSION}/conf/
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